A graduate of Warsaw University of Technology and the European Academy of Photography (2004). Thesis in the field of artistic photography done under the direction of dr.Izabela Jaroszewska in Expressive and Creational Photography. In the years 2009 to 2012 led classes in the EAP in the framework of the author's Contemplative Photography Workshop. He presented his works at several individual exhibitions in the country and abroad, and in such festivals as the Warsaw Festival of Art Photography, Polish Festival of Pinhole Photography and the International Festival of Photography in Łódź. Mostly photographs, but sometimes also paints, draws, writes poetry. He learned Japanese calligraphy under the guidance of Sensei Nakayasu Yoshimi in Murasaki School in Warsaw. Often instead the traditional analog photography equipment used to taking pictures his own design and made pinhole cameras. Currently he enrolled in the School of Theatre Technology in Warsaw. He is studying painting, theater history, history of theatrical costumes, constructing theater props and building the theatrical stage design. He lives and works in Warsaw-Poland.

Represented by 101Projekt  Contemporary Art Gallery.

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